Yerkir media lurer online dating

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Parents will want to be familiar with the programming, so that when their teens start talking about the Teen Lures TV Newscast and sexual crime prevention, parents will feel comfortable discussing these issues with their teens.

Teenagers should be praised for raising awareness and spreading the word of prevention.

Therefore, it's important to be able to recognize risk factors involved.

To learn more about Teen Lures Prevention measures, parents and caregivers can visit

In schools across the country, middle and high school students are catching the teaching bug!

Educators typically witness first-hand the ensuing aftermath of sexual abuse, which can include learning challenges, behavioral problems, low self-esteem, depression, suicide, substance abuse, eating disorders, and teen pregnancy.

Educators who proactively support personal safety education help ensure their students come to school prepared to learn and free of the challenges that are often associated with the aftermath of exploitation.

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