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Thank you for understanding, from all of the mod team. There's nothing wrong with her personality, other than her bout with an eating disorder caused by bullying.She's beautiful, in a beyond ideal perfect highschool relationship, has a glorious voice, and is charming, shy and cute. Jake: super cute, okay home life, off but supportive brother, fights for the girl and although he's a little dense in knowing what Marley wants, he's perfect.Now, each person is characterized by something beyond their control, and gracefully recovers from the momentary setback. I thought I'd make a master thread for these since there's so many going around.There were a few that I wanted to address up front that I know for a fact aren't true.¿Qué cosas has dejado de hacer si has llegado (o pasado) a los 30? Todavía puedo trasnochar Comerme una pizza entera Colgar posters en la pared sin marco Perforarme la oreja Ir a lavar la ropa a casa de mamáQuedarme en el futón de un amigo en vez de irme a un hotel Aplazar la cita con el médico Beber chupitos con extraños Dejar un molesto mensaje en mi contestador Ayudar a alguien a mudarse a cambio de pizza y cerveza Teñirme el pelo de un color divertido Ir a una rave Al final llegan a la conclusión de que Danny Glover lo dijo no sólo en la película original (de 1987) sino en sus tres secuelas (1989, 1992 y 1998), así que nunca, aunque pasaran diez años, el tipo realmente dejaba de hacerlo.Ni que decir tiene que el epi fue flojo y que no adelantó nada de la futura madre.Set against the backdrop of the Nashville music scene, the new drama revolves around a 40-year-old superstar Rayna Jaymes, whose star begins fading. I have actually bought two of the songs from i Tunes. Some reviewer said that it was an obvious plot, but my god, this is TV and if the plot is obvious then so is the on button on your remote. When some character acts like a jerk his retribution is swift.

Lastly, it was confirmed that this picture was featured in a [news article]( CMAEWj79.jpg) mid 2012 featuring the wife of a fallen soldier.

(me recordó a la lista kármica de Earl) sobre las cosas para las que a los 30 años ya se siente demasiado viejo.

Barney apuesta que él puede hacerlas sin morir en el intento.Ésta es la lista.

We want /r/glee to show this, we want /r/glee to be a place of sanctuary.

We have suffered a heavy loss, but for Cory's sake, let's keep the discussions to this thread. Marley is sweet and is bullied and is poor and has odd clothes.

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