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And you MUST buy all these books, or else you're a brain-dead zombie.

Considering Dice's science denial and promotion of outdated crank ideas, could he be also regarded as a brain dead zombie?

For a brief period, Dice mocked Jones in a series of weekly "Alex Jones Parody Videos" he posted on his You Tube channel, some of which were actually quite amusing.

The relationship between Dice and Jones was mended in mid-2013 and now Dice has returned to being a frequent guest on Jones' show.

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He has also written three more recent publications, Causing Trouble: High School Pranks, College Craziness and Moving To California, The Illuminati In The Music Industry and Inside The Illuminati.E Micro Forex Futures - day trading investment firms e micro forex futures He related that offering a variety of assets, makes it difficult to determine what drives forex specific business, but that all business lines ...Micro Account Forex Brokers - List of broekr offering ...Many of Dice's supporters whom he shunned during his anti-Alex Jones period for questioning him have since vented their anger at Dice on his Facebook page and You Tube channel.Mark Dice is an ultraconservative Christian American conspiracy theorist, social critic, activist, homophobe, anti-Semite, author, and racist.

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