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I am grateful for all the support and colleagues I worked with in MMD but I have now joined PF,” said Siliya. “For me, Dora must apologise for insulting Mr Sata.

And a Choma district farmer, Joseph Sichoza, says Siliya is fooling farmers by promising that one million beneficiaries will receive e-voucher cards by next week, saying such an undertaking was impossible and would be a miracle to achieve.She further asked the men in her audience to admire her beauty and not each other’s beards because the Laws of Zambia prohibited homosexuality. )” she asked, amid cheers from the villagers who were eager to receive vitenge and other campaign materials from her.Siliya said men should enjoy the pleasure of touching a woman’s soft bums as that was the only way that people would bear children. Analume mungakatane mweka mweka mafiga yokosa osati yamwanakazi? At another rally at Chisonso village in 2011, Siliya charged that Sata had no respect for women because he did not come from human beings and as such, he was not taught to respect people. Siliya said Sata was not cultured because where he was raised, there was no respect.The panga-carrying xenophobic attacks in South Africa shock us, but they remind us of the path our country almost took, with panga-carrying cadres on the streets of Lusaka and in various by-elections,” she said.And during election campaigns in 2011, Siliya told Minga residents in Patauke not to vote for the PF and Sata because the party wanted to legalise homosexuality.

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