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It was really burnt - even the crankcase had started to melt.Beneath the burnt exterior I managed to salvage a crankshaft, 4 conrods, camshaft, lifters, fly-wheel, cylinder heads and several pieces of tinware. As I work at a VW specialist shop I was able to pick up most of the other parts for practically no cost and I even got a crankcase for free - it just had a small hole in the top where it had lost a conrod but the local technical college welded it up for free.But it improves with acquaintance and does have certain benefits over a car from a drivers point of view, including commanding vision which really helps your progress in traffic.

Volkswagen has sold the staggering number of 4.5 million Kombis throughout the world since 1950.Microbus – Better Than Ever Turbo Type 4 Project Our Kombi Camper Story The Brown Bomber All About Kombis Kombi Models Kombi Dos and Don’ts Living With A VW Kombi Camper Travellers’ Troubles Confusion Tuning Tips for Twin-Carb Kombis VW Type 2 Station Wagon Independent Thought Driving the new 1700 VW Commercial Replacing Type 4 Kombi pushrod seals VW Transporter/Caravelle buyers guide The Kruizinwagon Mike Said’s 1978 Kombi Joe’s Camper Last air-cooled VW Bus Leigh and Belinda’s 1977 Microbus From the Daily Mirror (1977)December 1985Eight’s a crowd…except in Volkswagen’s versatile Microbus.With three rows of seats, it makes provision for eight occupants, large or small, with room to spare for gear.I bought it with just 97,000 km on the clock (just run in) and reconditioned the motor for the first time after 220,000 km.Twelve months ago, with 330,000 km up, I decided it was time to do something to upgrade the powerplant, mainly because of the Japanese vans, which are getting quicker all the time, beating me up hills.

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