Sedating drug

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"If you tell only some people, it starts to look like you're playing favorites," Reisinger says. No one needs to hear about how often your migraines cause you to vomit, for example."Keep it light, and don't try to get people to feel sorry for you," Reisinger says."If you didn't ask for an accommodation before, that's the wrong time to ask for it," Reisinger says.

We are the original and first commercial supplier of Kratom to the USA, Canada & Europe.Many jobs -- whether because of the nature of the responsibilities or the work environment itself -- can worsen headaches in someone with a migraine condition.Minimizing the impact of work-based triggers may help keep migraines at bay.If you do decide to discuss a medical condition at work, Reisinger says, the approach you take matters.If it's obvious that you're dealing with something personal at work -- say you have to wear sunglasses indoors to reduce the effects of bright office lights -- it's important to avoid telling only some people around the office and not others.

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