Sammy shum and kate tsui

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Although Sammy is basically a nobody, he is still a tall and handsome guy.He can play musical instruments, sing and dance, he knows a bit of everything.In the recent year, Sammy had been stuck with the supporting roles, but he was fortunate that Kate Tsui, who is currently at Fa Dan level, did not avoid him.Kate has a Western girl character, where she treats everyone the same and chats happily with the behind-the-scenes staff.JJ and Sammy sparked love in 2010 when they were shooting a travel show together.Although JJ earns a higher income than Sammy, she does not hesitate to fork out her own wallet to help her boyfriend, whom she had not been dating for long.November 2011, Sammy was spotted with Kate Tsui in Wan Chai for dance practice.It was rumored the two sparked after shooting Lives of Omission.

The two sat together by the window in the coffee shop hanging out, chatting and laughing together. Following the rumors with Ron Ng, "The Shell King" Chan Kwok Cheung and "Stage Prop Guy", recently news broke out that Kate is actually with TVB fourth line actor Sammy.Both Kate and Sammy grew up overseas, they are both on the same page and are on the right key.Earlier the two even disguised themselves as the male and female lead to Twilight!Recently the rumors between Kate Tsui and Ron Ng have gotten his 'real' girlfriend Viann Zhang extremely upset. Right is someone else, Sammy Shum, who is known as the "Knock-Off Louis Koo".It was said the two have developed feelings after all the series they have been shooting together lately.

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