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Prosecutors in the Los Angeles county district attorney’s office said earlier this week they are now considering bringing charges against Weinstein.“I think now there’s a clear ‘BW’ and an ‘AW’—before Weinstein and after Weinstein,” said Esla Ramo, founding partner of Hollywood law firm, Ramo Law PC.These producers invited Ramo to work on the backlot (out of their trailers) to assist with the legal on their micro-budget films. Clients are asking one lawyer to explore contracts that include the right to terminate contracts for accusations of sexual misconduct It was 10 months into 2017 when the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment and assault bomb dropped, but the aftermath and subsequent allegations against other men in positions of power made it one of the top news stories of the year. That’s the message from women in Hollywood, such as Shonda Rhimes, Natalie Portman, Emma Stone and Selena Gomez, who, on Jan.In the summer of 2005, Ramo officially opened her law office on the Universal Studios backlot in a trailer. 1, launched an initiative to fight sexual harassment and assault.

Hollywood agents are unlikely to support such stipulations being placed on their clients and Ramo is wary of creating an environment of presumed guilt. It’s creating a dialogue, and creating an intolerance of something that people should have been intolerant of from the beginning,” Ramo said.I mean that is a place where this can go, and I just don’t want to be a part of that,” Ramo said.“This community is really sort of shell-shocked by what happened with Harvey Weinstein, and the way we govern ourselves.” For the independent studios that Ramo does most of her business with, there is no association they can turn to for standards on how to operate.Ramo Law PC congratulates its 2018 Sundance client premieres, “An Evening with Beverly Luff Lin,” “Burden,” “Clara’s Ghost,” “Damsel,” “Hearts Beat Loud,” “Lizzie,” “Monsters and Men,” “The Kindergarten Teacher,” “What They Had,” “White Fang,” “Dinner Party,” “White Rabbit,” and “Paint”. At the time, many of her filmmaker and producer friends were making low-budget, digital films.Also at that time, Universal Pictures’ backlot made available a few trailers for officing independent, up-and-coming producers. Time is up on tolerating discrimination, assault and abuses of power in the workplace for women everywhere.

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