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Once they attempted enrollment and were denied, they were to report back to the NAACP. In the late 1980s Topeka Public Schools were found to be out of compliance. As a result the school was directed to develop plans for compliance and have since built three magnet schools.

This would provide the attorneys with the documentation needed to file a lawsuit against the Topeka School Board. When the Topeka case made its way to the United States Supreme Court, it was combined with the other NAACP cases from Delaware, South Carolina, Virginia and Washington, D. These schools are excellent facilities and make every effort to be racially balanced.

Filing suit against the District was a final attempt to secure integrated public schools. Their fear was that this would lead to resegregation.

Their plan involved enlisting the support of fellow NAACP members and personal friends as plaintiffs in what would be a class action suit filed against the Board of Education of Topeka Public Schools. They believed that with this type of choice white parents would shift their children to other schools creating predominately African American or predominately white schools.

In addition, there were only four elementary schools for African American children as compared to eighteen for white children. It is the Scott Computer and Mathematics Magnet School.

defines law as: "Law is a binding custom or practice of a community; a rule or mode of conduct or action that is prescribed or formally recognized as binding by a supreme controlling authority or is made obligatory by a sanction (as an edict, decree, rescript, order, ordinance, statute, resolution, rule, judicial decision, or usage) made, recognized, or enforced by the controlling authority." The Dictionary of the History of Ideas published by Scribner's in 1973 defined the concept of law accordingly as: "A legal system is the most explicit, institutionalized, and complex mode of regulating human conduct.

At the same time, it plays only one part in the congeries of rules which influence behavior, for social and moral rules of a less institutionalized kind are also of great importance." Glanville Williams said that the meaning of the word "law" depends on the context in which that word is used.

Lady Justice, a goddess symbolising justice who bears a sword – symbolising the coercive power of a tribunal –, scales – representing an objective standard by which competing claims are weighed – and a blindfold indicating that justice should be impartial and meted out objectively, without fear or favor and regardless of money, wealth, power or identity.

Law is a system that regulates and ensures that individuals or a community adhere to the will of the state.

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