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Over the last few years Instagram became THE new way to advertise, money got in the way creating a toxic numbers game, and getting our work seen without playing this game is becoming harder and harder.

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It was a fair game, whoever posted first appeared in people’s feeds in chronological order wether you had 2 followers or 200K.Who cares if those are empty accounts that don’t bring any value to the table right?!One of the most effective strategies to gain followers is to catch people’s attention by liking and commenting on their pictures so they’ll come to your profile and possibly start following you (I’ve done that before).I tried to play it as ethically as possible but when you are pushed to a corner gasping for air sometimes you have to set ethical aside if you want to survive.But surviving doesn’t mean living and the artist in me is desperate to feel alive again. So I think it’s time to stop the bullshit and come clean and tell you exactly what’s happening.

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