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The Trumbull Public School System, in partnership with the community, strives to meet the educational needs of all students within a challenging and supportive academic environment that empowers each student to become a life-long learner and to live and participate in a democratic, diverse and global society.The Trumbull Board of Education has updated its Non-Discrimination in Instruction/Classroom Policy as of Jan. Read the entire Policy (renumbered Policy 6121 on Feb.Each plan will be developmentally appropriate, promote self-advocacy and competence in self-care, and provide educational opportunities.The purpose of this policy is to: It is the policy of the Trumbull Board of Education that any child of school age who resides in the Town of Trumbull may attend the Trumbull Public Schools.

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In fact, most of the world's chocolate comes from the West African lands that are within this small slice of the globe - the cocoa plant thrives in the region's rainforests. It is the policy of the Trumbull Board of Education to provide for a Food Allergy Management plan to maintain the health and safety of students with life-threatening food allergies.

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To verify that they are a bona fide resident of Trumbull, based on the Trumbull Board of Education Residency Policy (5111/Eligibility to Attend Trumbull Public Schools) download residency forms along with the student registration forms.

If you do not have a Parent Portal login, you can fill out a request here...

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