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Soy gleek y mis parejas favoritas son Finchel y Klaine creo que son las parejas mas realistas que tiene la serie.Mis actores favoritos de Glee son Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, Darren Criss, Dianna Agron y últimamente me encanta Blake Jenner.But when one night he witnesses a real nightmare, Kurt's focus shifts from saving his career to saving something much more important: his own life. He has no intentions of joining the family business, especially since he finally has a gorgeous boyfriend named Kurt, but everyone else has other ideas. Kurt Hummel is a hugely successful actor, who suddenly finds himself having to take care of three small children. Years later, they meet again at Quinn and Puck's wedding and a few drinks and a song from the past lead them to something unplanned... Tired of waiting for his elusive Prince Charming, Kurt decides to start a family on his own. Kurt Hummel thought he had gotten the job of a lifetime when he became the secretary for Blaine Anderson but Kurt soon finds out working for Blaine is only the beginning of his nightmare because his boss is actually…a vampire. AUBeing finally in New York City and studying at prestigious university is like a dream come true for Kurt. And when things go from bad to worse for Kurt, Blaine is the only one who is able to see past his mask.

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Un joven que solo sabe consumir drogas ante todo para esconder su dolorosa enfermedad (VIH).Otras series que me encantan son The Big Bang Theory, Touch, How I Met Your Mother, La Ley y El Orden UVE, The Mentalist, New Girl, American Horror Story, The New Normal, etc. De música ha cambiado mucho mi gusto gracias a Glee Mi Twitter casi nunca estoy ahí pero cuando lo hago ando dando lata : D https://twitter.com/Adry_Ramiss15Ya saben si quieren platicar conmigo lo pueden hacer Something as simple as a phone call can change your life forever.When sudden tragedy strikes, NYU professor Blaine Anderson needs to learn how to move forward and not let the weight of the world crush him to pieces.Only, Blaine has never taught piano before, and Kurt has never had to be a parent before. Blaine is a mysterious, reclusive lord looking for a spouse. Kurt is about to start a journey in which romance and fatherhood might go in different directions, and Blaine Anderson might as well be an obstacle… How did he end up being forced to marry him and support their child, when he is still head over heels in love with his long term boyfriend? The hazel-eyed boy is overambitious and arogant but Kurt starts falling in love with him anyway. His whiteboard is his only form of communication when his father sends him to Dalton. Blaine never thought he'd fall for someone who's paid to have sex with men, until he met him.Kurt is the boy from Blaine's youth who has grown into a remarkable young man - with a desire to be with someone else. After weeks of being poor, he's convinced to join an agency that will help him find a job as a babysitter. Being married to Kurt Hummel is one hell of a train ride. Is Kurt able to fix him and learn Blaine's secret or is he beyond repair? Kurt's world will be turned around when he's roomed with Blaine Anderson, Dalton's bad boy. Though things may not be as they seem when Blaine finds out the true identity of the stunning man. Kurt * non-con Blaine Anderson is a chef at a successful restaurant in NY.

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