Lebanon dating mariage

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Not only an inter-confessional conflict could occur, but as well a conflict between confessional or spiritual and civil jurisdiction in case a marriage took place before a civil authority abroad and a religious marriage…

children are usually given, by law, the father’s religion. -Orthodox church allows weddings with Muslims under the conversion condition. However and nowadays it is regarded as being impractical and undesirable due to the additional economic burden and to the complications it brings into the family house.

With guardian permission, the ages are 17 for males and 9 for women.

For Shi’a, with judicial permission, 15 for males, and 9 for females.

Mixed marriage are permitted in Lebanon with the following remarks: -A Sunni or Shia (Muslim) man can marry a Christian or Jewish woman without her having to convert herself, but a Muslim woman cannot marry a Christian or a Jew. In this case the couple receives the blessing at the sacristy, and the children must be baptized and raised as Catholics . Requirements change depending on before which authority the couple wants to get married.

However a copy of the passports or ID and blood tests are required for Muslim marriages.

Lebanon does not have civil marriage, however the country recognizes civil marriage which took place outside Lebanese territory.

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With the discovery of oil and gas off its shore, Lebanon has the potential to become like the Gulf but it will need to do a lot of work to get its inf ...(Priest or Sheikh) Due to Lebanon pluralist and multi confessional society, nothing prevents a marriage between Muslims and Christians.However the married couple should abide to the law of the marriage in all what relates to the marriage present and future effects.Usually this law is the law of the authority which performed the marriage.Sometimes this could result in complex issues related to divorce, inheritance, custody etc…

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