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Tell her you want her to know now that a capon will do for her Thanksgiving because the rest of you will be enjoying the turkey elsewhere, thankful you’re out of Grandma’s sight. My Wife’s Nuclear Family: I am married to a wonderful woman—the only problem is her family.

Her father is the most self-centered, aggressive, and arrogant person I have ever met, and the rest of her family is so terrified of his tantrums that they never call him out.

I am his favorite target, but he does it to everyone and routinely makes my wife cry.

Recently, he began to “research” my profession and likes to interrupt completely unrelated conversations by making, loudly and forcefully, confused and incorrect assertions about it.

Granny se chat free one to one-73

Granny se chat free one to one-73

That’s when my grandma claimed that she could not bear to be in the same room as my brother’s boyfriend, that she simply wasn’t ready to “see that.” My mom wants to limit drama with my grandma, so she has declared that she won’t be inviting my brother’s boyfriend to any future family gatherings.

My mom also doesn’t want to single out my brother, so she has also decided to bar all significant others from family gatherings, including my boyfriend of three years who has enjoyed many holidays with my family.

I too want to limit drama and stand in solidarity with my brother, but I do not want to spend the foreseeable future having to choose between spending the holidays with my family or my boyfriend.

Her sister has harassed me publicly on Facebook, even insinuating that I abuse my wife (I do not).

I blocked her, but she has now sent my wife an email accusing me of sexually harassing her (I did not).

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