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A senior Iranian official has lashed out at certain countries for using petrodollars to turn the Middle East into a depository for Western weapons.Speaking to reporters upon his arrival in the Russian capital Moscow on Tuesday, Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Securit y Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani said the world needs to distance itself from violent and extremist ideologies and measures but some countries, with their dark background of supporting terrorism, are using oil revenues of the Middle East to turn the region into a warehouse of Western weapons.

Therefore, the Islamic Republic believes that stockpiling weapons would never enhance security, Shamkhani said.A project in one of the driest places on Earth is proving that Permaculture principles and techniques can transform even the most brutal ecosystem into an oasis garden.The Greening the Desert project in Jordan was started in 2001 as a demonstration site to test Permaculture techniques in an extremely arid environment.These countries are spreading insecurity and violence across the region, he added.He said countries that play key roles in international security must further continue with their close consultations and cooperation with the purpose of reducing security crises within the framework of establishing international peace and stability.

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