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Now that colder, cozier weather is settling in, this guide includes everything a bibliophile needs for a quiet night at home, curled up with her latest novel and a cup of tea (or a glass of wine)—minus the crackling fireplace.

And yes, we even picked out special gift options for those who prefer e-Readers over paperbacks. Find more unique gifts for the book-lovers on your list.

Instead, we selected a variety of unique, thoughtful items that complete any reading experience, and we’re sure that these novel products will delight all of the book-lovers and avid readers in your life.

From whimsical bookshelf accents, to collectible items featuring classic characters, to a phone cover (for the rebel), to a chic case for her reading glasses, there’s something for every bookworm’s taste and style.

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As the family road-trips to reunite with Jojo’s incarcerated father, Ward touches on racial injustices and growing up in an unforgiving America.

To buy: ; ), was one of the most anticipated novels of 2017.

It follows the dramatic events that unfold in a picture-perfect Cleveland suburb in the late 1990s following a custody battle over a Chinese-American baby. For historical fiction lovers, gift them this book from Jennifer Egan (a Pulitzer Prize winner for A Visit from the Goon Squad) that immerses readers in 20th century Brooklyn.

In Anything Is Possible, Strout introduces readers to two sisters at different junctures in their lives, and what unfolds as they are reunited after seventeen years. After his mother passed away, National Book Award-winning author Sherman Alexie was moved to write a memoir that reflected on their complex relationship.

Through poetry, essays, and family photographs, Alexie brings the reader into his world, a young boy raised in a poor family by alcoholic parents on an Indian reservation. Gift a reader this honest memoir, from Bad Feminist writer Roxane Gay.

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