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I have a phobia of large groups of people doing synchronized things together. I have a total and utter phobia of rotting dairy products.This phobia of rotting dairy products actually quite severe. fear of eating without water or being without water Im not sure when this fear of eating without water phobia started but i can not eat something unless i have something 2 drink cuz if i dont i stop myself …I'm 14 and can swim perfectly fine with my head under the water.i can hold my breath for a long time.i love having my head under the water when swimming. Phobia of spiders and heights that is ruining my social life My name is Hazel and im 19 years old. I am scared of being locked in a toilet or bathroom.

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apeirophobia (fear of eternity) and astrophobia (fear of cosmos) ive always been afraid of space and infinity. I'm not sure what brought about this phobia, but for as long as I can remember, I have always had a fear of people touching or going near my eyes. and im extremely terrified of closing my eyes in the shower. Fear of hard boiled eggs rolling at a 90 degree angle Ever since I was 5, i was terrified of hard boiled eggs rolling at a 90 degree angle. My Phobia is really big roller coasters like Top Gun Hi how are you?

It isn't the traditional "podophobia." Podophobia is a fear of feet. Hello, I am a 27/M and I was taking anti-depressants for the last five years or so and I made a big mistake, I tried to quit them without help from a doctor. Fear of my boyfriend looking at beautiful women Everytime we see a movie together and a naked part comes out or seductive women comes on I panic and quickly close my boyfriend's eyes. Akousticophobia, fear of specific sounds Akousticophobia, fear of specific sounds. I am terrified that one day I will go to the bathroom and poop out a tapeworm that is still alive. rediculous fear of floating into the sky through loss of gravity I remember so deeply being made to lie down in physical education at infant school age (doing relaxation exercises) looking up at the tall hall ceiling … I believe it's called cetaphobia, the fear of whales... Am I the only person with a fear of small things entering my mouth? Phobia of any imperfections: Rust, burn spots, chipped items etc.. It get particularly bad around am and am although just thinking about those times makes …

People who suffer from this fear won't touch, look at, or … I cannot STAND the sound of a fork squeaking against a plate. Phobia of getting ready or showering at anyones house other than mine. Since i have been able to eat my self (1-2yrs old) I have NEVER used a small fork,knfe, or spoon! Hi, I have very weird phobias and it may seem strange. Fear of hearing someone's teeth scrape silver ware every since i was little i have had this fear of hearing someone's teeth scrape silver ware.

Any time I see something to do with my phobia I automatically start freaking out and jumping …

Fear of Taxidermy - mounted or stuffed animal heads Petrified of taxidermy and mounted animal heads! Afraid of the dark rooms at the other end of my house I'm afraid of the dark rooms at the other end of my house.

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